Benefits of Membership

Accounts Receivables/Collections
Amalgam Separators and Waste
Business and Personal Credit Cards
Computers and Technology
Credit Card Processing
Dental Supplies
Embezzlement Investigators
HIPAA and OSHA Compliance Training
iCoreExchange Encrypted HIPAA Email
iCoreRx Cloud ePrescribing
Insurance Products and Services
Medical Evacuation
Medical Kits
Office Supplies

Patient Financing
Payroll Processing
Precious Metal Refining
Student Loan Refinancing

SCDA Member Benefits Group, Inc.

SCDA Member Benefits Group is a for-profit subsidiary of the South Carolina Dental Association that was established in 1997 for the purpose of managing the benefits for the members of the SCDA. Maintaining current endorsements and constantly pursuing further services advantageous to the members and their practices is the backbone of SCDA Member Benefits Group. SCDA MBG offers this wide variety of services and benefits at significant savings to SCDA members only.

SCDA Member Benefits Group also offers seminars and courses that are geared for members and their staffs to continuously improve on their professions and receive appropriate continuing education.

Mission & Vision Statement
Board Members & Officers

Medical Change Form
Fax all Medical Change Form Applications to Capstone via their secure fax at 317-222-3003

Mark Brown,CAE, Operations Director, (803) 750-2277 or (800) 327-2598 in SC