SCDA Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Optimize public health by advancing the art and science of dentistry.

Our Vision

Advocating for oral healthcare excellence by advancing the profession of dentistry in South Carolina.

Our Values

The ADA Code of Ethics

  1. Member Value and Practice Viability - Provide benefits and services to support practice and career success.
    1. Life-Long Association Value - Deliver innovative dental practice strategies, benefits, services and education to support career-long success.
    2. Efficient Access to Benefits - Maintain a robust technology platform to deliver education and improve access to member benefits.
    3. Services Corporation - Support the Member Benefits Services Corporation and insurance trust.
    4. Collegiality - Provide a fun way to promote career connections and gain a sense of belonging.
  2. Advocacy and the Voice of Dentistry - Advocate to advance the profession.
    1. Legislative Relations - Maintain relationships with Legislators through leadership contacts, Districts and grassroots member efforts; identify dentists who may serve on elected and appointed boards.
    2. PAC - Maintain the strength of the political action committee.
    3. Strong Lobbying Team - Remain vigilant with the lobbyist to monitor and influence dentistry issues.
    4. Board of Dentistry - Work with the Board to advance mutual interests.
    5. Collaboration - Collaborate with allied organizations to improve understanding of the issues, opportunities and challenges.
  3. Promoting Optimal Oral Health - Support advancement of oral health and accessibility.
    1. Program Support - Support community outreach programs.
    2. Public Literacy - Promote literacy of oral health care.
    3. Safety Net - Preserve and enhance the dental safety net.
    4. Dentist Involvement - Increase dentists’ participation in community programs.
    5. Outreach - Collaborate with like-minded organizations supporting oral health.
  4. Association Excellence - Maintain a nationally respected state dental component.
    1. Staffing - Ensure sufficient professional staffing levels.
    2. Financial Stewardship - Serve as excellent stewards of the association’s financial resources.
    3. Leadership Development - Encourage future leaders through mentoring and training to support an effective committee structure and District operations.
    4. Technology Use - Invest in the technology needed to support association functions and personalized communication.
    5. Governance - Ensure the governance structure is responsive to evolving member and environmental needs.