Embezzlement Investigators


Embezzlement is an ugly crime and its victims feel horrible. It’s happened to about half of your fellow dentists, and it might happen to you.

A majority of dentists will be victims of embezzlement in their lifetime. Stop employee theft before it starts and investigate potential financial loss with SCDA-endorsed Prosperident. Along with the benefit of the SCDA fully vetting Prosperident to be the best-in-class firm for embezzlement services, SCDA members will receive a 6% discount. Relief is a click away. Learn how Prosperident can help you protect your practice against embezzlement by watching these videos. https://www.prosperident.com/south-carolina-dental-association/

If you want to protect your practice from internal theft, or if you suspect embezzlement is occurring, contact Prosperident. It’s the world’s oldest and largest firm providing dental embezzlement protection and investigation services to dentists and specialists.

Prosperident offers:
-Stealthy investigations so your staff is not aware you suspect a thief is among them.
-Fraud examiners who have dental backgrounds and experience. They know the business side of dentistry inside out.
-Protective actions to make your practice a target embezzlers will want to avoid
-Superior documentation of embezzlement when it is found, so you have the evidence you need for legal proceedings and to attempt recovery.

In the News:

See recent embezzlement cases where Prosperident helped take the embezzler off the streets:

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  3. Guilty plea for Lisa Anselm -Prosperident

Visit Prosperident.com/SCDA or call 888-398-2327. A confidential discussion with CEO David Harris will be arranged.