SCDA Supplies

SCDA Supplies offers discounted dental supplies for all members of the South Carolina Dental Association.  SCDA members could save up to 20% or more on dental supplies.  More than 60,000 products from more than 500 brands (most available through dealers) are listed.

  • 100% Free Shipping on everything, regardless of order size.  No exceptions
  • Fast shipping. Same-day fulfillment and 2-3 day delivery to South Carolina
  • Order accuracy through advanced warehouse automation and quality control
  • Streamlined returns. Most returns and damaged shipments are resolved same-day.
  • No restocking fees if returnable items are returned within 30 days of receipt

NO gray market, expired or counterfeit items. All products are from direct manufacturers and authorized dealers.

Get a customized price comparison by emailing or faxing current supplier’s invoices to SCDA Supplies

  • Email:                  
    Phone:  888-804-1046                         
    Fax:      888-306-5986
  • We will send you back customized price comparison showing how much you would save buying the same items from
  • We will upload the items on the comparison list to your “My List” for easy initial ordering.

Visit or click here to see a video showing how SCDA Supplies can save you money.