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Radiation Safety Exam


Registration Fee:
$60.00 to be paid by bank/credit card or PayPal

  • Qualifications: To register for this exam, the registrant must work for a South Carolina Dentist for three months full-time or worked in another state with a radiation safety certification.
  • The registrant will need to set up a login with your email address and 8-character password. You will need to save this password to sign back in to take the exam when you are ready.
  • ***DO NOT START the exam until you have read and are familiar with the NEW Radiation Safety Study Guide.
  • Test Details
    • 50 random multiple-choice questions
    • 90 minutes to complete
    • one-time attempt to complete
    • Before taking the exam make sure you are in an environment where you will not be disturbed and have good internet connection.
    • You will not be able to save and finish later
    • You will not be able to go back and change any answers.
    • You must answer the question to move on
    • Once you have finished the exam, you will receive your score. If you receive 75% or better, you will pass and receive a PDF of your certificate that you need to print and save for your records.
    • Your receipt will be available when you complete your exam.
    • You will have 90 days after registration to take this exam.
    • If you do not pass, will need to register/pay again to be able to retake the exam.

    Click here to pay and take the ONLINE Radiation Safety Exam

    Radiation Safety Certificate Re-Issue Form - Please make sure you have taken the exam through the SCDA!

State Board Regulations for Radiation Safety:
Dental Assistants must pass a SC State Board of Dentistry approved Radiation Safety exam  before they are allowed to take x-rays within a dental office in South Carolina. Board Regulation 39-16 requires that the employing dentist is responsible for verifying the credentials of all dental assistants who expose radiographs in his/her office, and for verifying that all personnel in his/her office who expose radiographs have met the required training and have a copy of their certification from a Board-approved program:

You are approved to take X-rays in South Carolina if you have completed one of these CODA accredited schools,

American Dental Association (ADA) CODA- accredited schools to verify your CODA approved program:

List of South Carolina  ADA CODA- accredited schools:
-Aiken Technical College
-Florence-Darlington Technical College
- Greenville Technical College
- Horry-Georgetown Technical College
- Midlands Technical College
- Spartanburg Community College
- Tri-County Technical College
- Trident Technical College
- York Technical College

Or if you took the RHS (Radiation Health and Safety) Dental Assisting National Board (DANB)

Or South Carolina Dental Association (SCDA) Radiation Safety Exam

If you have any questions please email Sue Copeland or call 803-750-2277