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Medicare Credible Coverage Notices

To fulfill this Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) notice requirement, simply pull your most recent Mercer Administration billing statement. To the right of each employees’ name on your billing statement you will see one of the below “Plan Codes” and to the right of these Plan Codes in the below chart you will find a corresponding “Group Number.” Now that you know what group number applies to each employee, simply click the appropriate Group Number link below, print off the appropriate two pager for each employee and give to them for their records.

Also, as an employer, you must notify CMS that your coverage is considered creditable. You can visit and complete a short survey in order to satisfy this annual notification requirement.

Plan Codes From Bills

Group Number

S1 00
S2 01
S3 02
S4 03
H1 04
H2 05
H3 06
H4 07
S5 12
H5 13
S6 14
H6 15
NGS1 25
NGS2 26
NGS3 27
NGS4 28
NGS5 29
NGS6 30
NGH1 31
NGH2 32
NGH3 33
NGH4 34
NGH5 35
NGH6 36