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Medical Bridge Gap, Cancer, Accident or Critical Illness

Colonial Life

Making benefits count
  • Medical Bridge 3000 – An individual hospital confinement indemnity plan which complements your core medical coverage. Can help lessen the sting of the rising cost of health care. Helps offset gaps caused by deductibles and co-payments. Provides a lump-sum benefit for covered hospital confinement, outpatient surgery, diagnostic testing, wellness, and doctor’s visits. An HSA-compliant plan is available.
  • Accident 1.0 – A guaranteed-issue accident product that offers several coverage levels to fit all budgets. Helps covers medical expenses that can result from injuries, fracture, dislocations, and other covered accidental injury expenses.
  • Cancer 1000 – A guaranteed renewable, individual cancer product that helps offset the direct and indirect cost related to cancer diagnosis and treatment. Covers both medical and non-medical expenses.
  • Critical illness - An individual product that provides a lump-sum benefit for specific illnesses such as heart attack or stoke.

Coverage is available to spouses and dependent children.
Benefits are paid directly to employee

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