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Professional Liability Insurance / Malpractice Insurance

SCDA MBG is an insurance broker for professional malpractice insurance through the South Carolina Joint Underwriting Association (SC JUA) and the South Carolina Patients’ Compensation Fund (SC PCF). You don't have to be a member of the SCDA to have your professional liability / malpractice insurance through SCDA Member Benefits Group.

Coverage features include:

  • professional liability for you, your staff and your corporation
  • occurrence or claims-made coverage forms available - allowing you to choose what best fits your needs and pocketbook
  • stability, longevity, and dependability
  • superior customer service
  • competitive pricing
  • expert claims and an outstanding defense record

In addition to protecting your practice, getting coverage through SCDA Member Benefits Group helps your Association. Commission dollars earned goes back into the programs and resources the SCDA provides for its members. To get started securing your coverage, call Deanna Slomzenski at (800) 327-2598 or email

"When researching malpractice insurance, I asked myself, "Who can I trust with this important coverage?" Once I learned that the SCDA offered this coverage and that fellow association members sit on the boards of the carriers they worked with, I knew my best interest would be of foremost importance."
- Jill Colson, ​SCDA Member Dentist

“My professional liability insurance has been provided through the SCDA for years now, for many reasons ranging from cost to service, but my primary reason is knowing that I can focus on the profession of dentistry while resting assured I’m in good hands.”
- Lee Gardner, Past President

“I go through the SCDA Member Benefits Group for my malpractice insurance mainly because the carriers they work with have been operating in our state for more than 30 years! That kind of stability is hard to find with companies coming into South Carolina every few years and then packing up after they experience a couple of claims.”
- Lynn Wallace, Past President