Solmetex is a leader in amalgam separation technology with 25 years industry experience in amalgam separation technologies.   The EPA “Dental Rule” on the proper handling of dental amalgam waste went into effect nationwide on July 14, 2020.  New for Q1 2021, Solmetex is introducing the Solmetex Maintenance Program in effort to keep all dental practices in compliance.  The program offers auto-delivery of all three product components of the regulation 1) NXT Hg5 Collection Containers 2) Practice Waste Solutions Amalgam Buckets 3) PowerScrub vacuum line cleaner with a neutral pH between 6 and 8.  Delivery of products set on the schedule of the practice’s choice and can be modified at any time.  Full participation in the program includes access to all Certificates of Recycling/Compliance.  Our goal is to keep dental practices clean, environmentally safe and compliant with current EPA regulations. 

As a member of SCDA, you are eligible to a receive a complimentary NXT Hg5 Collection Container with Recycle Kit ($338.00 value) with proof of purchase of an NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separator (available in 3 sizes:  standard, mini, or high volume).  There are several ways to submit for your complimentary collection container, 1) simply click the online member benefit request form below (will need to attach your dealer invoice); 2) email both documents to; or 3) fax both documents to 508.393.1795.  Upon receipt, your name will be matched with the SCDA member registry and once approved the collection container and recycle kit will be shipped directly to your office.

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