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Coastal District Spring Meeting

Course Title: Don’t Ask “What If,” Ask “What Now”

Date/Time Friday, May 10, 2024

8:30 am Coastal District business meeting

9AM-12:00PM Lecture

12:30PM: Social at Fuel Restaurant on Rutledge Ave.

Location: MUSC Campus- Basic Science Building Classroom 335                     

Speaker: Todd Doobrow

Speaker Biography: Todd Doobrow is the founder of Curato Advisory, an independent financial planning firm focused on dental and medical professionals, as well as their teams, for more than a decade. Not only does he see the life of a dentist first-hand as his wife practices Periodontics and Implant dentistry, but he has entrenched himself in his clients’ practices to improve overall financial efficiency. In addition to holding the Certified Financial Planner® designation, Todd is also a Retirement Income Certified Planner® and Chartered Financial Consultant®, and holds is Masters in Business Administration.

Being independent allows Todd to work with clients in the most beneficial ways for them without any conflicts of interest. Simultaneously, Curato maintains access to the most up-to-date product offerings and technology and offers a real-time, online, integrated platform to provide comprehensive financial planning. By using these programs, Todd’s clients know where they stand in relationship to their goals any day, time, and any place.

Credit Hours: 3

Cost: Free

Session Description: Don’t Ask “What If,” Ask “What Now”

Much like patients’ oral health, understanding your practice and personal finances can paint a complicated picture. The last few years’ trials and tribulations somehow simultaneously impacted our financial positions for the better AND for the worse, adding yet another intricate layer to our existing difficulties.

We can now acknowledge the direct correlation our financial well-being has on our family lives, our mental health, our business relationships, and our long-term viability that never would have been fully embraced during a hypothetical “what if” conversation. As we move forward, client-centric conversations have shifted from “what if” and are being replaced with “what now?” This course is designed to share with you the thoughts, actions, and questions necessary to map out your optimal financial life in an ever-changing world.

Our main goal is to share what we have learned from these extraordinary times to improve your financial situation moving forward. There will be plenty of time to discuss any questions or concerns you may have, so come join this beneficial session!

Educational Objectives: In this interactive session we will discuss:

1. Our Emotional Relationship with Money,

2. Financial Efficiency for You and Your Team,

3. How to Minimize Tax Liabilities, and

4. Making Sure You Don’t Outlive Your Money.

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Contact for Questions: Mason Wade