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The SCDA volunteer leadership including, but not limited to your Executive Board, all four Districts, the DENPAC and ADPAC boards, and our Liaisons to the Legislature and MUSC, along with the excellent SCDA Executive Director and SCDA staff, are working tirelessly to provide the most useful and informative resources for its members. Over the last couple of weeks we have communicated with all Organizations and Agencies that are working to help South Carolina Dentists during this extremely challenging time. We have been in direct communication with SC DHEC, the SC Board of Dentistry, SC DHHS and the ADA Government Affairs office in Washington, DC. We will continue to advocate for the needs of our membership and the public as we navigate through this unpredictable situation over the next few weeks.  

The resources on this page have been developed or collected and reviewed by the SCDA. They are accessible to all dentists and the public. These resources are intended to cover a wide array of subjects that are relevant to all South Carolina dentists. In addition to our resources, the American Dental Association has an exhaustive and very current collection of resources for you.  We will continue to update and add to these resources.

We have sent out three major communications to our full membership over the past 10 days, as well as an email sent today about the Employment Law webinar scheduled for next Tuesday, March 31. We will stay in touch through emails and this web page to be responsive to your needs during the constantly changing and uncertain reality we are faced with. Based on member feedback, the most useful resource we have provided is the FAQ's from the employment attorney. We hope that you will also find value in the recently added FAQ's from the Accountant specializing in Dental Practices. Both of these resources were developed because the SCDA reached out to professionals in our community who were willing to respond to your needs.  

Please be well and know that the SCDA is working for you.

Julia K. Mikell, DDS
SCDA President

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Guidance For Treatment During COVID-19

​PPE Shoppers Guide

Disclaimer:  The SCDA does not endorse any specific PPE vendor, but has had contact and communication with the below vendors.  Due to the rampant counterfeit PPE market, we encourage you to inspect your masks and other PPE and cross check with the resources on The SCDA disclaims any warranties of any kind with respect to the listed vendors or their products and disclaims any liability of any kind resulting from the purchase or use of these products.


How to Practice Dentistry during COVID-19


Legislative Clarification

Financial, HR and Legal Guidance

The Science of COVID-19

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