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SCDA Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The South Carolina Dental Association represents member dentists in order to promote and provide optimal oral health care to all citizens of the state of South Carolina by serving as an advocate to advance the profession of dentistry.

Our Vision

To be the leader in the promotion of oral health care excellence and the advancement of the profession of dentistry in South Carolina.

Our Values

Ethical Conduct

Our Goals

Access to Care – To positively impact the oral health care needs of fellow South Carolinians
Advocacy – To be the preeminent voice of dentistry
Communication – To improve methods of reaching members of the association
Diversity – To promote unity among our dynamic membership
Education – To provide high quality dental continuing education
Leadership – To enhance professional and ethical guidance for the association
Organization Stability – To maintain a highly effective association
Practice Viability – To serve the needs of our members through benefits and services

Strategic Directions

I. Access to Care

  • Rural dental incentive program promotes the need for dentists to set up practices in underserved counties of the state
  • Continue Children’s Dental Health Month and Give Kids A Smile programs
  • Dentists and dental students providing pro bono dental care in clinics and practices throughout the state
  • Dental Access Days offers free dental care to adults who are in need
  • Continue work with Medicaid participation and reimbursement

II. Advocacy

  • Enhance relationships with legislators
  • Increase membership in Ad PAC and Den PAC (Political Action Committee) programs
  • Continue a proactive voice in legislative issues that impact dentistry
  • Maintain lobbying efforts with the legislature

III. Communication

  • Improve utilization of electronic Bulletins, e-grams, action alerts and other electronic media
  • Research all available technologies to improve communications
  • Continue additions and upgrades to the dental association website
  • Create and implement internal communications among committees, task forces, districts and state association
  • Research available methods of public relations

IV. Diversity

  • Increase membership participation among minority groups
  • Collaborate efforts within the dental association structure
  • Assess needs and priorities of minority groups
  • Continue to foster and support diversity efforts at the College of Dental Medicine

V. Education

  • Improve dentist participation and attendance at state and local meetings and events
  • Research alternative methods of delivering continuing education

VI. Leadership

  • Expand mentoring guidelines
  • Research and creation of a future leadership program 

VII. Organizational Stability

  • Maintain integrity of boards, committees, task forces, and districts to address associational needs
  • Secure and maintain sound financial position
  • Support of existing revenue sources other than membership dues
  • Continue research of new revenue sources

VIII. Practice Viability

  • Maintain or exceed a market share of 87%
  • Continue involvement with the dental students and relations with the dental school
  • Raise awareness of SCDA member benefits