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District President Duties
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Office of District President

Duties in bylaws/constitution:

  1. Supervise and direct the business of the society.
  2. Appoint Chairpersons of all committees not otherwise provided for in bylaws, have general supervision over the work of standing committees and shall have the power to remove or replace any committee member at any time for just cause.
  3. Form and appoint members to special committees and to designate chairs as needed, subject to ratification of the Board of Directors.
  4. Serve as chair of the Executive Committee/Board of Directors.
  5. Preside at all meetings of the district and the Board of Directors/Executive Committee.
  6. Serve as ex-officio on all committees.
  7. Be familiar with the constitution and bylaws of the SCDA and insure that all requirements pertaining to the district are fully and efficiently carried out.
  8. Serve as a member of the SCDA House of Delegates and head the delegation from specific district.
  9. May appoint a Parliamentarian.
  10. Serve as member of the SCDA Board of Governors.

Other duties and hints:

  1. Give reports of events from district at Board of Governors meetings and HOD; ex: include numbers of new members since last meeting, last and next scheduled meeting and speakers, what the New Dentist Committee is doing, issues in your district (fluoridation, % voluntary amalgam separator installation, other).
  2. Report number of delegates/alternates present at HOD meetings.
  3. As head of district delegation, be informed of issues facing dentistry, any disscusions on agenda and background so you can inform your delegation to aid in informed decision making, review any online reports posted prior to meetings.
  4. As part of duties are to have general supervision over district committees, keep in contact with committee chairs and be able to report progress/problems/if they have met or not/ at district board meetings, Board of Governors meetings and HOD.
  5. Be familiar with Sturgis rule of order used by the SCDA.
  6. Be aware of those in your district who may be good candidates for leadership roles on the district and state level, pass on names of those interested to district committees and SCDA office.
  7. Be responsible to have positions for delegates/alternates/committees filled and those volunteers apprised of the responsibilities of position. If this has been delegated to others on Board of Directors, be sure to follow up with them.
  8. Follow up with those responsible for sending in timely information to SCDA office; ex: financial reports, new members, member updates, volunteer lists, current delegate and alternate lists.
  9. Coordinate follow up phone calls with Secretary-Treasurer to members who have not renewed membership. Even if they do not renew, finding out reasons may be helpful for future planning. This list is forwarded to you once renewal process is near completion.


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